Dt. Khushbu

Helping people to get rid of their health problems, like thyroid, Pcod, Pcos, cholesterol & achieve their goals, be it weight loss or weight gain.

Dt. Khushbu is a wellness expert with over 10 years of experience helping people reach their health goals. Her philosophy centers around sustainable lifestyles and offers personalized plans beyond just treatment. She promotes healthy eating habits and a sustainable lifestyle for long-term well-being. Many people have found success in overcoming health problems like PCOD, cholesterol, and thyroid issues, and reaching their weight goals under her care.

In addition to her clinical experience, Dt. Khushbu is the founder and CEO of Divine Fitness, a wellness center in Mira Road, Mumbai, where she has helped people achieve healthier and happier lives for the past 3 years.


Qualifications and Global Reach

PG Diploma in Health Nutrition and Dietetics: Dt. Khushbu's background in academia guarantees the accuracy of her treatment suggestions.

Influence Abroad: Her healing energy crosses national boundaries, having been felt in the US, UK, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, and West Africa. Every culture adds to her all-encompassing strategy, providing her practice with a variety of perspectives. PG Diploma Health Nutrition and Dietetics.


Areas of Expertise

The clinical compass of Dt. Khushbu indicates several important areas:

Diabetes Management: She provides individualized strategies while navigating the complex blood sugar balance.

Weight Transformation: Dt. Khushbu customizes programs to meet each patient's needs, whether the goal is to acquire healthy weight or lose excess weight.

PCOD Solutions: Her specialization is hormonal balance, which helps to uncover the intricacies of PCOD.

Thyroid Care: She restores homeostasis by calming thyroid storms.

Gastrointestinal Wellness: With her help, stomach issues are dealt with appropriately.


Fees for Consultation for Indian Customers

Consultation: Personalized health insights are unlocked for a modest Rs. 799 fee.

Packages Based on Duration:

Rs. 6,500 in a month

Rs. 13,500 in 3 months

After six months: Rs. 23,000.

Twelve months: The all-inclusive trip costs Rs. 40,000.

Consultation for Foreign Clients: $3,500 (exchange rate: cosmic alignment).


Packages Based on Duration:

During a month: $8,000

In three months: $18,000

After six months: $28,000

12 months: Spend $50,000 to go off on a worldwide wellness journey.

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